Bi-Objective Continual Learning: Learning ‘New’ While Consolidating ‘Known’

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I was going through this paper, Tao, Xiaoyu, et al. “Bi-Objective Continual Learning: Learning 'New ’ While Consolidating ‘Known’.” AAAI. 2020. ( where the focus is on NI, rather than the popular NC. In the experiments section, their exact Cifar10/100 dataset creation details are a bit unclear:

We further split the training images into 5 sessions, and apply different illumination and saturation for each subsequent session as new training patterns.

Did anyone find the implementation details of the above? If so, kindly share. Thanks!

Edit: The author has uploaded the dataset preparation code in their GitHub repo.

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I cannot find the pdf can you share the link to the paper? :smiley:

My apologies for not including the link before. The paper can be downloaded from the PDF link in the webpage.

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