ContinualAI Important Updates [23-09-2021]

Dear Continual Learners,

I hope you had a great summer break and you are ready to start this new academic year! At ContinualAI we have a lot of new exciting ideas for this year to connect the CL community and work better together! I hope you’ll help us in this endeavor! For now, let me share a couple of news:

  • First of all, we are soon going to re-start the new season of the Weekly Reading Groups . However, they will be moved to every Thursday at 5.30 CEST and they will be streamed LIVE on YouTube . We hope this will make them even more accessible to anyone even outside the organization. This activity will be re-branded as " Continual Learning Seminars "!

  • The next seminar is going to be on " Continual Learning with Echo State Networks " with @andcos next Thursday! @Keiland will share the invite link soon! Stay tuned!

  • Are you interested in Continual Learning for Autonomous Driving ? Check out the great competition organized by @mattdl, @Eli Verwimp and colleagues! Baselines based on Avalanche are already available for you to submit your first solution in a matter of minutes!

  • Thanks to @andcos and @Bogdan efforts our collectively maintained papers repository hosted on Zotero and searchable on our web interface is now also available as a plain list on GitHub! Add your paper too simply opening an issue!

  • I’m also very excited about the new blog posts we are publishing on our ContinualAI Medium Publication, thanks @Jeremy Forest for leading the effort and @Romain Mouret for your recent story! Ping @Jeremy Forest if you want to publish your next blog post with us!

  • As always, the ContinualAI Lab collaborative team is always looking for contributors to the many open-source projects we have under development. Right now we are looking for motivated people willing to contribute to avalanche and maybe also become lead maintainers ? Send me a PM!

Best regards,

ContinualAI President
Vincenzo Lomonaco