[ContinualAI Meetup] Colab 1.0

*Join us This Friday 26-2-2021, 5.30pm CET , for the ContinualAI Meetup on or collaborative project Colab 1.0 Make also sure to subscribe if haven’t already the open mailing-list Continual Learning for AI, to be updated about future events and the news around continual learning even from people outside ContinualAI!

Check out below the exceptional schedule we have in plan for the meetup and prepare your questions! We will make sure to make a strong panel discussion at the end of the meetup!

:round_pushpin: Eventbrite event link: ContinualAI Meetup "Colab 1.0" Tickets, Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 5:30 PM | Eventbrite
:round_pushpin: Link to Join the Meetup here: MS Teams link
:pushpin: Recording: https://youtu.be/5TxwVtbGtQs