[ContinualAI Reading Group] "Learning to Recognize Code-switched Speech Without Forgetting Monolingual Speech Recognition"

[June 12th, 2020] ContinualAI Reading Group : "Learning to Recognize Code-switched Speech Without Forgetting Monolingual Speech Recognition"

Abstract: Recently, there has been significant progress made in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) of code-switched speech, leading to gains in accuracy on code-switched datasets in many language pairs. Code-switched speech co-occurs with monolingual speech in one or both languages being mixed. In this work, we show that fine-tuning ASR models on code-switched speech harms performance on monolingual speech. We point out the need to optimize models for code-switching while also ensuring that monolingual performance is not sacrificed. Monolingual models may be trained on thousands of hours of speech which may not be available for re-training a new model. We propose using the Learning Without Forgetting (LWF) framework for code-switched ASR when we only have access to a monolingual model and do not have the data it was trained on. We show that it is possible to train models using this framework that perform well on both code-switched and monolingual test sets. In cases where we have access to monolingual training data as well, we propose regularization strategies for fine-tuning models for code-switching without sacrificing monolingual accuracy. We report improvements in Word Error Rate (WER) in monolingual and code-switched test sets compared to baselines that use pooled data and simple fine-tuning.

The speakers for this reading group were:

Sanket Shah, Gurunath Reddy M

:round_pushpin: Youtube recording : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gAYJvR-Hu0
:round_pushpin: Paper pre-print : https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.00782
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