Current Challenges and Future Research


I’m currently in the process of reviewing the Continual Learning literature for a Master’s thesis I’m working on. I’d like to get everyone thoughts on the following:

  • What are the current challenges, problems, limitations of the state of the art in Continual Learning?
  • What are some good “future research” ideas that haven’t yet been tackled by the community?
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Dear @souellette,

Thank you for your very interesting questions! I think our community will benefit from such discussions and we will try to organize a meetup on the matter sooner or later, so you are invited to join on course! :slight_smile:

I also invite you to join the panel discussion we will have in the CLVision workshop @ CVPR2020. We will touch similar topics with great experts of the field!

As for your questions, I suggest to check these references:

These articles also talk about current limitations and possible future directions!